A Little About GlamrousFashion

 I remember telling someone back in the 1990's one day I'm gone own my own business. Of course we laughed it off. In 2014 that dream became a reality. I tried opening my own boutique. Not knowing anything about going into business for myself. I started making handmade jewelry. Finding myself frustrated.
It's not easy working a job, being a mom, and starting a business. In about two months making hand made pieces had gotten harder. So I went to retail. Still not sure of myself, I closed the boutique and moved to Texas. 
It is now 2020 and my business is still a burning desire. Today Glamorous Fashions is back. Excited about the new adventures. Bringing flair to your everyday life.
Glamorous Fashion will give you great customers satisfaction. 
We are Bold, Daring, Elegant, and Classy!
Our unique pieces are sure to make each Diva feel special. Adding Glamour to her life!
Contact information:
Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71601